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NEWSLETTER 1st June 2000

This has nothing to do with Majorca, I just like the image, which will be animated when fully downloaded !!

The pictures may take a while to download but have patience - they're worth waiting for !!

Not a lot to tell you this month, I've had some photos of the Sller Railway from Javier Fraile and several scans of old postcards with pictures of the trams of Majorca from Edith Knight and her husband who collect postal ephemera, but that's all. For the moment I'll just post the pictures at a fairly small size (I think the website is getting close to my 15Mb limit !!) but if there is anything anybody would like at a larger resolution, let me know and I'll e-mail a copy to you.

The first two photos are, as I said above, from Javier Fraile who gives his address as Dept. TECNOLOGIAS DE LAS COMUNICACIONES, UNIVERSIDAD DE VIGO !! The first picture is clearly from some publication and shows motor-car no.2 of the Soller Railway with a typical train, together with a lot of technical information which is unfortunately in Spanish.

The second picture is also of a Sller Railway train, photographed from above - an unusual angle for the railways of Majorca. I like this photo a lot !!

Thanks, Javier - keep them coming !!

This section shows the postcards which I believe are self-explanatory. If you let your cursor hover over the cards you'll find they all have a pop-up description taken from the actual card.

Palma de Mallorca 33 Plaza de Cort 82 Palma de Mallorca El Puerto No description Palma (Mallorca) La Catedral        Martorell   1955 PHOTO AWC TEI PALMA Car 30/33           Oct 17 1957
41 Palma de Mallorca Calle de Colon 1910 Palma de Mallorca - 97 La Glorieta y el Borne 1930 Palma (Mallorca) R 86 Paseo Sagrera Rotger
37 Palma de Mallorca - Barrio de Santa Catalina Foto Coll   1916
    No 84 Palma de Mallorca - Paseo Sagrero   1916
    Nr 2 Palma de Mallorca El Borne

Thanks, Edith and Rodney !!

I have just returned from a second visit to Southern France to travel on the Chemin de fer de La Mure, the Chemin de fer du Vivarais and the trams of Grenoble. I have quite a lot of photos of these lines which I think are worth posting on the net but, as I said above, my space on this site is limited and I still have LOTS of good pictures of the Soller Railway and Tramway to include. If anybody has any helpful advice please e-mail me. Here's one of the less picturesque samples

Trams in Grenoble 1988

and here's something a little more scenic, an overview of Grenoble

Grenoble from La Bastille

That's all for now - don't forget to send us any contributions (see below) !!

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Barry Emmott 1st June, 2000, slightly adjusted 11th April, 2009