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 Chemin de Fer de la Mure  A Superb French Mountain Railway, possibly the most stunning scenery on any railway in Europe !!
FACS/UNECTO SGLM  Another Chemin de fer de La Mure Site
SGLM  I just (3rdMarch2002) discovered this (Official) Chemin de fer de La Mure site - it must be very new !!
CFV  Maarten Meeuwes fantastic website on the Chemin de Fer du Vivarais - Mallets and Billards with pictures and videos !! Follow the links on the left of the page
FACS/UNECTO   Union des Exploitants de chemins de fer Touristique et de musées
Le Petit Train Jaune  That other quaint little train in the beautiful French Pyrenees
Trinighellu   Le Petit Train de Corse
Dampfbahn Furka-Bergstrecke (in German)  The Swiss (F.O.) Steam Rack-rail Site
Chemin de Fer Musée Blonay-Chamby   Swiss Railway Museum - lacking in content but technically brilliant site
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