Newsletter 22nd February 2000

I have just had a message from Derek Spencer of Yorkshire, England who sends me the following report from the Majorca Daily Bulletin:-

Majorca´s railway service is definitely getting there...

By the start of the year 2003, the Inca to Manacor railway will hopefully be in operation, according to the manager of the Majorcan railway service (SFM), José Antonio Santos Hierro. The Balearic Government announced yesterday that 4'000 million pesetas is to be invested in the service, which in effect will offer a new lifeline to the Manacor area of the island. The Balearic Minister for Public Works, Josep Antoni Ferrer, said yesterday that work on the Inca to Manacor link will start around the middle of next year and could be completed by the start of 2003. Last week the grounds of the project and operations contract were approved by the SFM administration. While work on the new link gets underway, SFM also announced yesterday that 2'000 million pesetas will be invested on the renovation of the stations at Manacor, Sineu and Petra; work will also be completed on the station at Inca, which will become the hub of the expanding Majorca rail network.
February 10. 2000, Edición 39, URL:
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In addition to this very interesting news he has sent a couple of photos which he took in August 1988. One is at the (then) FEVE station in Palma and the other at the FS station, Palma.

You will see little change on the FS (and I hope it stays that way, unless they re-introduce steam locos) and considerable change on the FEVE. I believe the DMU sets in this picture were sold to Argentina about five years ago. For further pictures of these sets see the section of the Mercurio site and for older pictures of the FS you need to go to where you will see a number of photos supplied by my friend and co-conspirator, Mike Kaben whose report on the developments in Majorca can be accessed by clicking on the link below.

Finally (added 26th February) here's a picture of one of the Nasmyth Wilson steam locomotives which were used on the FCM. I found this picture in a copy of the Narrow Gauge News dated Autumn 1984

We are working on Galleries of Pictures of the Soller Railway, the Soller Tramway and the disused parts of the FCM, which will appear as soon as the pages can be coded and the pictures prepared


That's all for now, folks !! Watch this site for further developments which will take place whenever new information or pictures come to hand. Any submissions of information, photos, postcards, etc., will be gratefully and enthusiastically received and if used on the site will be suitably acknowledged (as above).

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