Majorca March 2012

Majorca Update - March 2012

Last September I managed a week in Majorca but it was a family holiday so not too many opportunities for trainspotting !! On our first day we had a walk around the bay at Puerto de Sóller and saw for ourselves how much work still has to be done. I thought I had read in the local press about thousands of tons of sand being deposited along the shoreline to extend the beaches but don't think any of it was visible. The road along the front is supposed to be pedestrianised but we were soon buzzed by a 30+ teenager on one of those 4WD two-stroke all-terrain quadbikes. In my February 2007 newsletter I reported that almost all signs of "Todo Por La Patria" had vanished and even the outside khazi (?) of the Restaurante Mar Y Sol, which was the original terminus building for the tramway had been swept away.

Well, this worthy space is what you see now.

The next day we took the tram into Sóller (€4 each now) and found the town almost unchanged apart from the pedestrianised Calle Luna where we were buzzed by a young woman on her two-stroke scooter. What is it about two-strokes ?

Carlos Olmo Ribas tells me that TIB, alias FCM, alias SFM are running the new electric trains from Palma to Inca with passengers from December 2nd (only working days), and from January 30th daily. I saw one of the trains in the easternmost platform of the Station in Palma on September 13th last year but we were in a hurry to catch the bus to Puerto Sóller so I had no chance to grab a photo. However, Carlos has provided me with a couple. The first was taken in December with a clear blue sky and the second was taken in the snow (!!!) on February 5th. Thanks, Carlos and thanks to Toni Sanchis for contacting Carlos on my behalf !!


I've added some pictures I took around Sóller and Puerto de Sóller

14th September 2011, the western end of the bay of Sóller 14th September 2011, the eastern end of the bay of Sóller New tracks along the waterfront at Puerto de Sóller New tracks along the waterfront at Puerto de Sóller This was the original terminus building for the Sóller tramway Whilst we were staying in Puerto de Sóller they were filming the 150 million dollar blockbuster Cloud Atlas starring the likes of Tom Hanks, Halle Berry and Hugh Grant. There were two sailing ships used and they were moored in the harbour They have been building this hotel at the eastern end of the bay for years and years. When it is finally finished, maybe in 2013, it will be Europe's only 7 star hotel We walked up to the naval museum at Santa Catalina from where you get this view of the hotel Whilst we were at Santa Catalina a wedding reception was taking place Another view of the wedding reception. I was invited to join the group and had my photo taken with the bride and groom but didn't get their names nor a copy of that photo !! This boat was in the harbour and I just looked up the details. AMORAZUR II is 150 feet long and is currently yours for a mere US$14,600,000 !!! We walked slowly back down to the harbour, taking a much-needed drink along the way and when we got there the wedding group was in their hired tram, ready to depart. The tram didn't start off straight away and we had walked all the way along the front to Sa Torre before they caught up with us." The balcony of the apartment we rented, Cana Carolina, Edificio Bahia, Puerto de Sóller The old Rocamar Hotel, which has been empty and slowly crumbling away for many years, seen from our balcony. The gardens behind Ca'n Prunera in Calle Luna, Sóller. The 1911 building is now a sort of museum and art gallery. Not too sure why I took this picture, I think it was on a building near the Intermodal station in Palma. No apologies - a picture for foodies ! and another When we were in Sóller I wanted to go into the station to have a cold drink in the little bar. Entry was barred, as you can see. I tried to go around the outside of the building but my way was blocked by this extremely unfriendly woman, an employee of the travel companies who hire the train during the day. Iss closed she said. Not a good way to run a railway !!

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